Tu-144 Fleet Overview
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Aircraft Registration Airline Status Current Picture
00-1 CCCP-68001 Tupolev Scrapped at Zhukovsky.
01-1 CCCP-77101 Tupolev Scrapped.
01-2 CCCP-77102 Aeroflot Crashed June 3, 1973 at Paris Air Show.
02-1 CCCP-77103 Aeroflot Scrapped in 1984 at Zhukovsky.
02-2 CCCP-77144
Aeroflot Scrapped in 1987 at Zhukovsky.
03-1 CCCP-77105 Aeroflot Scrapped in 1995 at Zhukovsky.
04-1 CCCP-77106 Aeroflot On display at Central Air Force Museum of Russia in Monino.
04-2 CCCP-77108 Aeroflot On display in the museum of Samara State Aerospace University.
05-1 CCCP-77107 Aeroflot On display as a monument in the center of Kazan.
05-2 CCCP-77109 Aeroflot Probably scrapped at VASO factory.
06-1 CCCP-77110 Aeroflot On display at the Museum of Civil Aviation in Ulyanovsk.
06-2 CCCP-77111 Aeroflot Crashed May 23, 1978 at Yegoryevsk and scrapped.
07-1 CCCP-77112 Aeroflot On display on the roof of the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim, Germany.
08-1 CCCP-77113 Aeroflot Scrapped in 2001 at Zhukovsky.
08-2 CCCP-77114
On display as a monument in a roundabout close to the main gate of the Zhukovsky air base.
09-1 CCCP-77115
Aeroflot Stored in the Tupolev's facilities at Zhukovsky.
09-2 CCCP-77116
(None) Probably scrapped at VASO factory (incomplete).
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