Aircraft 05-1 : CCCP-77107

Copyright Valeriy A. Vladimirov-1978.

Aircraft Number 05-1
Current Registration CCCP-77107
Production Model Tu-144S “004”
Maiden Flight 20th August 1975 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77107 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
Final Flight 29th March 1985 : Delivery flight to Kazan.
Total Flights 180 flights.
Total Flight Hours 357 hours.
Supersonic Flight Hours 135 hours.
Current Usage On display as a monument in the center of Kazan.
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After factory tests and special tests in 1977 was submitted as complex subject for joint government testing.

These tests determined that with a take-off weight of 195 tons and payload equal to 15 tons a range of 3,080 km could be reached, this distance was increasing until 3,600 km with a payload of 7 tons.

It was highlighted that the range of 4,000-4,500 km at payload of 14-15 tons could not be realized on Tu-144S with NK-144A engines and it was noted that such range could be reached with RD-36-51A engines.

After her last flight, CCCP-77107 was transported by road to the Aviation Institute and parked in the backyard for almost 32 years until in May 2017 was moved to her current place in the centre of the city, in the campus of the Kazan National Research Technical University.

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The aircraft number 05-1 photographed from a Tu-124 during a test flight in 1978.

Copyright Valeriy A. Vladimirov-1978.
Performing a spectacular turn to the left that allows to view a city in the ground.

Copyright Valeriy A. Vladimirov-1978.
CCCP-77107 in the place where she was parked for almost 32 years in the Aviation Institute of Kazan. Picture from A view of the tail with the former Soviet registration.

Copyright Jim Newton-2002.
05-1 could be seen from the street when it was parked in the backyard of the Aviation Institute.

Copyright Wolfgang Wehner-2005.
The place under the SST was full of remains of others aircraft and machines.

Copyright Leonid A. Lyamanov-2005.
An aerial view of the Aviation Institute of Kazan when CCCP-77107 was parked there.

Copyright Slava Stepanov-2012.
The aircraft 05-1 in her new home waiting for the restoration before opening as an interactive museum.

Copyright KNRTU-KAI-2017.
Spectacular image of the Tu-144 registered CCCP-77107 once was repainted the original livery and with the new dynamic lighting.

Copyright Marina Listseva-2018.
The aircraft number 05-1 ready to begin her new role as an interactive museum.

Copyright bender-2019.

The first road trip of 05-1 : CCCP-77107
Pictures taken in Kazan on August 1985

 Copyright Michael Romashov-1985 

 Copyright Ildar Valeev-1985 

Inside and outside 05-1 : CCCP-77107
Pictures taken in Aviation Institute of Kazan on November 2010

 Copyright Nikita Ishmuratov-2010 

The second road trip of 05-1 : CCCP-77107
Pictures taken in Kazan on April 2017


The last “flight” of 05-1 : CCCP-77107
Pictures taken in Kazan on 26th May 2017

 Copyright Mikhail Zakharov-2017 

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