Aircraft 01-1 : CCCP-77101

Aircraft Number 01-1
Current Registration CCCP-77101
Production Model TU-144S “004”
1st Pre-Production Aircraft.
Maiden Flight 1st June 1971 : Zhukovsky, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77101 to Tupolev Design Bureau.
Total Flights 231 flights.
Supersonic Flights 41 flights.
Total Flight Hours 339 hours.
Supersonic Flight Hours 56 hours.
Current Usage Scrapped.

After the success reached with the prototype as the first supersonic airliner on the air, it was necessary to upgrade the design for to correct some detected problems and to exceed the supersonic flight range of 3,500 km.

To improve the aerodynamic of the plane at supersonic mode the wing was deeply modified and his surface increased. The length of the fuselage was also increased to transport 150 passengers and the engines replaced by the upgraded model NK-144A.

One of the most important changes was the new configuration of engines in two different and separate nacelles with two engines and their own intakes each one. This option solved the problems of vibrations and high temperatures in the bottom part of the fuselage. A new and original system of retraction of the main landing gear was developed because it was now placed between the two engines.

Another important change was the addition of two canards in the forward part of the fuselage to provide stability in landing and take-off. With all these changes the take-off weight was increased until 190 tons.

CCCP-77101 was the last plane produced at MMZ “Opyt” plant and assembled at Zhukovsky, and the first model TU-144S. On April 1973 was used as scene of a press conference.

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Main fuselage of aircraft 01-1 at the MMZ “Opyt” plant near Moscow.

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First TU-144S model during the assembly process at Zhukovsky facilities.
Parked on the ramp between the prototype and aircraft CCCP-77102. 1st Pre-Production aircraft during the retraction of the landing gear after the take-off.
On display in the Moscow-Sheremetyevo Airport during an airshow in December 1973. Aircraft 01-1 in her presentation at Kiev-Borispol Airport on September 5, 1974.
A view of aircraft 01-1 during a low speed test flight. Landing in 1975 in Olenegorsk Airport, Murmansk region, for tests in snowed environment.

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