Aircraft 02-2 : CCCP-77104/CCCP-77144

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Copyright John Powell-1975.

Aircraft Number 02-2
Current Registration CCCP-77144
Production Model Tu-144S 004
Maiden Flight 14th June 1974 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77104 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
In 1975 aircraft re-registered as CCCP-77144 for the Paris Air Show.
Total Flights 265 flights.
Total Flight Hours 431 hours.
Supersonic Flight Hours 95 hours.
Current Usage Scrapped in 1987 at Zhukovsky.

In 02-2 were carried out researches on aerodynamics, strength and the behaviour of the large angles of attack.

Aircraft systems and equipment was checked in this aircraft under non-standard conditions.

In 1975 flew to Paris to take part in the XXXI Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport.

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On the right test pilot Vladimir Popov in 1975 after a test flight with the aircraft 02-2 initially registered as CCCP-77104. Picture from CCCP-77144 taxies to the terminal after she arrived to the Paris Air Show.

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Picture from The pilot greets in the return of the Tu-144 to Paris after the accident of 1973.

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Moved by her own power, she rolls towards her only public appearance at Paris Air Show in 1975.
A different view of the same moment. 02-2 exhibited in the ramp of Le Bourget Airport during the Paris Air Show.
Picture from Shining under the Paris's sun she was living her better days.

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Retracting landing gear during take-off for a demonstration flight.

Outside view of 02-2 : CCCP-77144
Pictures taken during the Paris Air Show in June 1975

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