Aircraft 04-2 : CCCP-77108

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Aircraft Number 04-2
Current Registration CCCP-77108
Production Model Tu-144S 004
Maiden Flight 12th December 1975 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77108 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
Final Flight 27th August 1987 : Delivery flight to Samara.
Total Flights 50 flights.
Total Flight Hours 68 hours.
Supersonic Flight Hours 6 hours.
Current Usage On display in the museum of Samara State Aerospace University.
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Development works on navigation system were made in this aircraft as well as flight-director approach.

This aircraft was never delivered to Aeroflot.

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This picture shows CCCP-77108 in 1993, six years after her final flight. After years of storage on a field near the Samara's Airport, she looks old.

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The air intakes are not protected, and she's loosing some fluids from the wings.

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Picture from Engine number three was dismantled by technicians of the University some years ago.

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Picture from As this magnificent picture shows, the beauty of this aircraft doesn't disappear with the time.

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Picture from The impressive left main landing gear is now with eight flat tires and dirty.

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Picture from Another view of the Tu-144 number 04-2 at her current place.

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Picture from Due to the extreme weather conditions, the livery has almost disappeared completely.

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Inside and Outside 04-2 : CCCP-77108
Pictures taken at Samara in June 2011

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