Aircraft 06-2 : CCCP-77111

Aircraft Number 06-2
Current Registration CCCP-77111
Production Model Tu-144D 004D
Maiden Flight 27th April 1978 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77111 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
Total Flights 5 flights.
Total Flight Hours 9 hours, 2 minutes.
Current Usage Crashed May 23, 1978 at Yegoryevsk and scrapped.

This aircraft was being used to test the new route Moscow - Khabarovsk before she was delivered to Aeroflot. Works developed with CCCP-77105 demonstrated that this range was possible with Tu-144D.

CCCP-77111 was the first serial plane of the model Tu-144D powered with Kolesov RD-36-51A engines.

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An aerial picture of the field where the aircraft 06-2 performed a crash landing. As result of the later fire the fuselage was completely consumed by the fire causing the entire loss of the plane.