Aircraft 08-2 : CCCP-77114/RA-77114

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Aircraft Number 08-2
Current Registration CCCP-77114
Production Model Tu-144D “004D” (converted to Tu-144LL for Tupolev/NASA tests).
Maiden Flight 13th April 1981 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77114 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
In 1996 aircraft re-registered as RA-77114 by Tupolev/NASA.
Repainted in 2019 with the original livery of Aeroflot and former registration CCCP-77114.
Final Flight 14th April 1999 : Zhukovsky - Zhukovsky (final ever flight of a Tu-144).
Total Flight Hours 443 hours, 28 minutes.
Current Usage On display as a monument in a roundabout close to the main gate of the Zhukovsky air base.
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In July 1983, this aircraft was designated “101” and set 14 world records. These records included a flight height of 18,200 m with a payload of 10 to 30 tons, an average speed of 2,031.55 km/h in a 1,000 km closed circuit and 2,012.26 km/h in a 2,000 km closed circuit.

When the Tu-144 program was cancelled, CCCP-77114 was used as research aircraft in experiments about the radiation in top layers of the atmosphere, ozone layer, thermal influence in different materials and studies on aerodynamics. In 1990 it was placed in non-flying storage.

In 1993 08-2 was chosen to serve as testbed in a joint program between Tupolev, NASA and others US firms. The aircraft suffered an extensive modification that included the power plant, former Kolesov RD-36-51A engines were replaced by Kuznetsov NK-321 (a modified version of the engines of the Tu-160 bomber). The new model was designated Tu-144LL Flying Laboratory.

The first flight of the Tu-144LL was on November 29, 1996 and a total of 27 flights were carried out until the end of the program in 1999.

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At the end of experimental flights she was stored in Zhukovsky.

Copyright Trevor Hall-1992.
CCCP-77114 on display in the apron at Zhukovsky airfield during the MAKS-1993 AirShow.

Copyright PJSC «Tupolev»-1993.
08-2 with the former registration CCCP-77114 and former Aeroflot colours just before her conversion into Flying Laboratory.

Copyright NASA-1995.
Roll-out of the Tu-144LL Flying Laboratory.

Copyright NASA-1996.
Tu-144LL landing at Zhukovsky Air Development Center after a test flight.

Copyright PJSC «Tupolev».
RA-77114 makes a low-level pass with nose drooped and canards extended.

Copyright PJSC «Tupolev».
Waiting on the taxiway for a new high-speed research flight.

Copyright PJSC «Tupolev».
Picture from Parked in Zhukovsky waiting for an uncertain fate.

Copyright Oleg Revin-2007.
08-2 restored to her former livery and registration and on display at her final resting place.

Copyright Maksimus-2019.
CCCP-77114 looks awesome at night!

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Outside view of 08-2 : RA-77114
Pictures taken in the Air Base of Zhukovsky in 1997

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