Aircraft 02-1 : CCCP-77103

Aircraft Number 02-1
Current Registration CCCP-77103
Production Model Tu-144S 004
Maiden Flight 13th December 1973 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77103 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
Total Flights 250 flights.
Total Flight Hours 313 hours.
Supersonic Flight Hours 59 hours.
Current Usage Scrapped in 1984 at Zhukovsky.

After the accident of CCCP-77102 at XXX Paris Air Show, the production of Tu-144S continued at Voronezh until 1977. Large quantities of test flight were necessary before beginning with the transport of passengers.

This aircraft was used in a series of flights to different cities of the USSR where were tested the navigation and flight system NPK-144 and the power supply system, also were made tests in aborted takeoff.

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Engineers performing works over aircraft 02-1 a few months before her maiden flight.

Picture from Aviation Week-1973.
Another view of CCCP-77103 on Voronezh assembly line with canards deployed and nose down.

Picture from Aviation Week-1973.
The huge NK-144A engines are observed with curiosity by a group of people during a public exhibition.
Aircraft 02-1 being under tests at Sheremetyevo Airport.