Aircraft 05-2 : CCCP-77109

Aircraft Number 05-2
Current Registration CCCP-77109
Production Model Tu-144S “004”
Maiden Flight 29th April 1976 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered CCCP-77109 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
Current Usage Probably scrapped at VASO factory.

This aircraft was one of the two planes used for regular passengers' flights on Moscow - Alma-Ata route.

The first flight (SU499) was on 1st November 1977 with a range of 3,260 km, an altitude of 16,000-17,000 m and at the speed of 2,300 km/h.

This service was performed once a week and the number of passengers did not exceed 80 persons. In total 55 flights were executed and 3,284 passenger were transported until the end of service in June 1978.

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Ceremony at the Moscow-Domodedovo Airport before first passenger flight on November 1, 1977. CCCP-77109 in a regular flight between Moscow and Alma-Ata.
Waiting in the Moscow-Domodedovo Airport to a passengers' new flight.

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Another view of aircraft 05-2 during a regular flight.
Parked in the apron of the Airport of Alma-Ata before the next trip back to Moscow. Aircraft 05-2 in Alma-Ata Airport at the foot of Tian Shan or “celestial mountains”.
The passengers' economy class cabin during a regular flight. An employee of the Moscow-Domodedovo Airport gives to the pilot the instructions to park.

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