Stephen Mosley (United Kingdom)
Triple stamped envelope for the first operational flight (outward and return flight) of the Tu-144. Flight was performed by the aircraft CCCP-77106 on December 26th, 1975 between Moscow and Alma-Ata. For the shipment was used a miniature sheet of 50 kopeks with the inscription:
“The Man, will fly, supported not by his muscles but by the power of his mind. N.E. Zhukovsky”.

Jean-Louis Delezenne (United States)
Safety instructions for emergency evacuation of the Tu-144 aircraft. Four pages with instructions for the operation of doors, safety belt, life jacket, oxygen mask and evacuation ramps. This document was probably used on regular passenger flights of the aircrafts CCCP-77109 and CCCP-77110 in the 1970s, although it does not have the Aeroflot logo printed.

Hendrick Stoops (United States)
Commemorative pin, with a silver starboard side profile view of a Tupolev Tu-144 depicted over the Tupolev logo with blue and green enamel background.

Ticket for a regular flight of the Tu-144
A very interesting document. This is a ticket for a flight from Moscow-Domodedovo airport to Alma-Ata airport. Only the name of the traveler and the seat number (22b) have been filled in. The rest of the sections without filling in correspond to the departure date, departure time, time of arrival and access door to the plane.

The layout of the airplane cabin shows the distribution of seats that had the regular flights of the Tu-144. They had 11 first-class seats and 119 tourist-class seats with a total of 130 seats. You can also see the two doors through which the plane was accessed and the location of the toilets (T).

Collection of stamps of the world with the Tu-144







P.R. of the Congo

D.P.R. of Korea

D.P.R. of Korea






Central African Rep.

Săo Tomé and Príncipe

David Gorri (Spain)

Collection of four pins representing the Tu-144 with different designs. The top two seem to show the aircraft when it was in its design stage. The one on the bottom left is the prototype aircraft and the one on the bottom right is the pre-production aircraft.

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