Stephen Mosley (United Kingdom)
Triple stamped envelope for the first operational flight (outward and return flight) of the TU-144. Flight was performed by the aircraft CCCP-77106 on December 26th, 1975 between Moscow and Alma-Ata. For the shipment was used a miniature sheet of 50 kopeks with the inscription:
“The Man, will fly, supported not by his muscles but by the power of his mind. N.E. Zhukovsky”.

Jean-Louis Delezenne (United States)
Safety instructions for emergency evacuation of the TU-144 aircraft. Four pages with instructions for doors operation, seat belt, life vest, oxigen mask and evacuation ramps. This documment probably was used on regular passenger of aircrafts CCCP-77109 and CCCP-77110 in the seventies although no Aeroflot logo is printed on it.

Hendrick Stoops (United States)
Commemorative pin, with a silver starboard side profile view of a Tupolev TU-144 depicted over the Tupolev logo with blue and green enamel background.

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