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This section is a door open to all kind of materials and information about the Tu-144 that are available on the Internet.

The Links section will take you to the best sites with Tu-144's information and many others about aviation themes. You can share all you experiences, make questions or consult doubts in the Forum section. Another section for to share is the page where you can see published the pictures of your Models. The last two are the Store and a section with Wallpapers for to download to your computer.

Below you can find two of the best books and two DVD with the links to the sites where you can buy them. Go into the Store section for to see more.

Soviet SST: The Technopolitics of the Tupolev-144
The first and best approximation to the Tu-144's history.
Buy it from:
Tupolev Tu-144: Aeroflot's Supersonic Dream
Is available to purchase from:
Powell's Books
TU-144 Die Unbekannte Sowjetische CONCORDE
A view into the unknown Soviet SST.
Buy it from:
Die fantastische Reise der

DVD with the trip of a Tu-144 from Moscow to Sinsheim.
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Technik Museum

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