Checking the state of CCCP-77115 - May 31, 2006

 Pictures Copyright Victor Khodko-2006 

The beautiful old lady has a visit.

The group of visitors arrives for the review.

A long stair for a really high aircraft.

Nose raised.

The left wing from both boarding doors.

Vertical stabilizer.

A view of the plane from the forward landing gear.

The titanium cover of left engines is missing.

Flight Engineer Seleverstov, flew every single Tu-144 built.

Passenger cabin with seats configuration of 2+3.

Pressure release valve.

The rear cargo bay holds avionics.

Flight engineer's panel.

 Pictures Copyright Pavel Adzhigildayev-2006 

Victor poses outside the last Tu-144 built.

Applying full power to four engines, ready to take off!

Victor touches the wingtip, note the huge elevon behind him.