• 19th September: Order of Chairman of State Committee on Aeronautical Technology, SCAT (P.V. Dementyev) number 306. The General Designer A.N. Tupolev is entrusted the study of the project of a supersonic passenger plane with engines NK-135. (Work was spent to the department of projects under direction of S.M. Egera)

  • 28th October: Decision of SCAT on the termination of development of the project of SST with engines NK-135.


  • 16th July: Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, CPSU and Council of Ministers of the USSR (Governmental Order) number 798-271 “About creation by Experimental Design Bureau (OKB) of A.N. Tupolev of a SST Tu-144 with four jet engines and about construction of a set of these planes”. The same decision determines the developer of the engine by OKB of N.D. Kuznetsov.


  • 19th August: Governmental Order number 697-289. There are determined the developers of the basic systems of the plane.

  • 3rd September: The order of Chairman of SCAT (P.V. Dementyev) number 336 sets the basic characteristics of engine NK-144, terms of its creation and deliveries to planes.

  • 10th September: The Minister of Civil Aircraft (E.F. Loginov) approves “technical requirements for the plane Tu-144”.


  • June: The first demonstration of the model of the plane Tu-144 on XXVI Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport.

  • July: The General Designer A.N. Tupolev has shown to Minor General Aviation, MGA the outline sketch of the plane Tu-144.


  • May-June: The mock-up is taken to the commission of the Tu-144. Report MK is authorized by MG of the Air Forces on June 11th, 1966.

  • 12th December: The decision of VPK (Military-Industrial Commission of the USSR) number 290 sets time for completion of development of the documentation on construction of the plane (June 1967), deliveries of the equipment and the components of the products (2nd quarter of 1967), deliveries of engines (October 1967) and the end of assembly of the plane (November 1967)

  • 12th December: The decision of VPK number 290, the General Designer A.N. Tupolev is entrusted together with TsAGI, TsIAM and MGA to work on improvement offers of technical and economic characteristics of plane Tu-144.


  • 30th June: Decision of VPK “About construction of planes Tu-144 with improved flight characteristics”.

  • July-October: Transfer to the prototype production factory of the design documentation about construction of the plane Tu-144.

  • 22nd October: The decision of VPK number 362 “About creation for the plane Tu-144 of the turbojet RD-36-51A”. The basic characteristics of the engine are set.


  • 18th April: The first flight of analog-aircraft MIG-21I.

  • 9th October: End of construction of the plane by manufacturer and transfer to face, at Zhukovsky airfield, to works in ground and flight tests.

  • 7th November: Destruction of a turbine TNU at ground working, damage to elements of the design of the plane.

  • 5th December: The Ministry of Aviation Industry (MAP) delivers the sanction for the 1st flight.

  • 18th December: Decision of VPK “About development of the improved variant of plane Tu-144 with RD-36-51A engines”.

  • 20th December: Readiness of plane Tu-144 for 1st flight.

  • 31st December: Tu-144 prototype 00-1, registered CCCP-68001, made her first flight from Zhukovsky airfield captained by E.V. Elyan. For this historic flight was accompanied by her analog-aircraft MIG-21I, the landing gear was left in the down position and the nose was raised. Co-pilot M.V. Kozlov, leading test engineer V.N. Benderov and flight engineer J.T. Seliverstov formed the rest of the crew. After 37 minutes of flight the aircraft returned to Zhukovsky.


  • 2nd March: “Concorde” French prototype 001, registered F-WTSS, made her first flight from Toulouse.

  • 9th April: “Concorde” British prototype 002, registered G-BSST, made her first flight from Filton.

  • 20-21st May: First public demonstration of the plane Tu-144 at Moscow-Sheremetyevo airport for Soviet and foreign correspondents and experts of civil aircraft.

  • 4th June: The decision of VPK number 131 sets the basic technical characteristics of flight of plane Tu-144 with engines “RD-36-51A”, time for completion of designing and presentation of this model on control tests.

  • 5th June: Output of the plane Tu-144 for supersonic speed of flight (Mach=1.08)

  • 25th June: By Minister of Civil Aviation are approved additional “Time To Target” rules for the plane Tu-144 with engines “RD-36-51A”.

  • October - January 1970: Transfer of the design documentation of the improved variant of the plane Tu-144 to the serial factory VASO and to the prototype production factory. Construction of the first copy of the plane was made in cooperation of an experimental plant and VASO with final assembly and working of the plane at Zhukovsky.