These models were built for to help in the construction and give public knowledge to the Tu-144 project.
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Copyright Tom Huntington-1995.

Tupolev Headquarters - Red Hall

This large-scale cutaway model of the Tu-144 is on display in the Red Hall of the Tupolev Headquarters building in eastern Moscow. A see-through Tu-144 with tiny suitcases stowed in the luggage racks and little newspapers on the tray tables.

Copyright Aviation Week-1965.

Paris Air Show'65

The first public appearance of a model of the Tu-144 was in the year 1965 at the Paris Air Show. As you can see here, numerous press media reported that historic moment.

Copyright Bill Cotter-1967.

Montreal Expo'67 - Soviet Pavilion

This model was on display at the pavilion of the Soviet Union in the Expo'67 of Montreal.

Soviet Collective Exhibition - Leipzig

In March 1970 this model of the prototype aircraft Tu-144 with the original registration CCCP-68001 was displayed in the Soviet Collective Exhibition celebrated at the city of Leipzig, East Germany.
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Copyright Gridyushko Andrey-2007.

Central Air Force Museum of Russia

Prototype's model inside Hall Nš 3 of the Central Air Force Museum of Russia in Monino. Like the model of the Expo'67 it's made in scale 1:5 and is in the top of an iron mast. Is it the same?

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