In Memory
Fourteen people lost their lives in the Paris accident of June 3, 1973.
Serve this page as a tribute to their memory.

Crew of Tu-144S (CCCP-77102)

M.V. Kozlov

V.M. Molchnov

V.N. Benderov
Deputy Chief Designer

A.I. Dralin
Flight Engineer

G.N. Bazhenov

B.A. Pervukhin
Six days after the tragedy the bodies of the crew were sent to Moscow. The funeral took place at Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow on June 12, 1973 where a memorial was erected to remind the crew of the ill-fated Tu-144S.

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Citizens of Goussainville (France)

8 dead persons
25 wounded persons
14 destroyed buildings
25 damaged buildings
Over the French city of Goussainville, placed just 10 km to the North of Le Bourget Airport, fell down on June 3, 1973 a Tu-144S transformed into a ball of fire. Because the destruction of the plane was in the air the debris were dispersed in an area of 5,000 m², increasing the damages in the ground. The funeral for the victims of the disaster was attended by thousands. This tragedy inspired a movement to bar flying demonstrations in settled areas.
Each year, in the day of the tragedy, an act is scheduled in the memorial that remembers the victims of the accident.