Aircraft 01-2 : CCCP-77102

Aircraft Number 01-2
Current Registration CCCP-77102
Production Model Tu-144S “004”
Maiden Flight 20th March 1972 : Voronezh, USSR.
Registration History Registered as CCCP-77102 to Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines.
Current Usage Crashed June 3, 1973 at Paris Air Show.

Taking in count test results on 1st pre-production machine, wing aerodynamics was improved in this aircraft and its area was slightly increased with the addition of new wingtips. The take-off weight of this aircraft reached 195 tons.

In 1973 flew to Paris to take part in the XXX Paris Air Show at Le Bourget Airport.

After the prototype and 1st pre-production aircraft were built at MMZ “Opyt” plant and assembled at Zhukovsky, this one was the first aircraft produced in the Voronezh Aircraft Factory (VASO).

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A few moments after she arrived at Le Bourget Airport to take part in the Paris Air Show of 1973.

Picture from In the background Concorde performs her demonstration flight.

Copyright Aris Pappas-1973.
Picture from CCCP-77102 is on display in the ramp of Le Bourget Airport.

Copyright Aris Pappas-1973.
Aircraft 01-2 taxies to the runway for a new demonstration flight.
Not good quality, but you can see the pilot in the cockpit. Picture from This was the last take-off for this magnificent aircraft.

Copyright Robert Roggeman-1973.
Picture from The pilot performs a low-level pass, exhibiting the sleek line of the Tu-144S to the public.

Copyright Aris Pappas-1973.
A historical picture, a few minutes later the aircraft crashed.

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One of the icons of the Tu-144, the nose, fell down in a field near Goussainville.

Is this the wing that broke apart and produced the tragedy?
People walking under a big piece of the ill-fated aircraft.

Some areas of Goussainville were completely devastated by the impact of the aircraft.
All debris of the aircraft were recollected because they were needed for the investigation. Aircraft 01-2 was reassembled in a hangar as part of the accident investigation.

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